Ways Microsoft Would Change the Automobile Industry
Redneck Computer Terms
Windows 95 vs Jesus


Source Code of Wincows
How To Write In C
The Day That Unix Died


Laws of Computer Programming
Is Windows A Virus?
Computer Programming Languages


Axioms for the Internet Age
Computer Quotations
Abbott and Costello at the Computer Store


If Operating Systems Were Airlines
The E-Mail Wonderland
Programmer's Drinking Song


Memo From Tech Support
New Computer Viruses
If Microsoft Had Been the First to Invent Books


If Microsoft Made Toasters ...
Why Dogs Can't Use Computers
Computer Help Desk


Boyfriend 5.0 Upgrade
Girlfriend 1.0 Upgrade
Computers -- Male or Female?


Garden of Eden
Bill Gates -- Heaven or Hell?
You Know You Are Addicted to AOL if...


Selecting A Programming Language
Ode To C
The Canonical List of Computer Viruses


Brooklyn Version of Windows 98
South Carolina Edition of Windows 98
If Bill Gates Were From West Virginia


Murphy's Law for Computing
Murphy's Law for Technology
Owed Two the Spell Checker


Geek Theology 101
How You Know You Bought a Bad Computer
Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Tech Support


Computer Reality Check
Computer Acronyms
If Dr. Suess Had Written Books About Computers...


There's a Fly in my Soup!
Windows 2000 Error Messages
'Twas The Night Before Christmas


If AOL Made Cars ...
If General Motors Had Developed Technology like Microsoft
If Cars Were Like Computers


Reactions to a Glass of Milk Left Near the Keyboard
A Little Bit of Numerology
Computer Sales Jargon Explained


How To Program in C
Final Exam Questions
Some E-Mail Addresses


You Know You're an E-Mail Junkie If ...
Historical Religious Leaders and Software Programming
Proper Care of Floppy Diskettes


Millennium Pi
The Online Book of Genesis
The y0k Problem


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