Trigonometry Lesson Plans and Work Sheets

   Precalculus Assignments for Larson/Hostetler

In this site you will find worksheets, puzzles, tips, and other ideas for Trigonometry.
   Mnemonics for the trig ratios (SOHCAHTOA)
   Legend of SOHCAHTOA by Dane R. Camp
   The Great Trigonometry Puzzle
   Trig Cut Ups
   TRIGO Puzzle
   Radian, The Snowman
   The Radian Walk
   The Unit Circle
   A Method for Remembering the Unit Circle
   Alphabetical Order and Trigonometry
   Sine and Cosine Game
   Sine Curve Equation
   Graph Trig Functions
   Biorhythms and the Sine Curve
   Triangle Trig -- Identities
   More Trig Cut Ups -- Identities
   Doublets -- "Word Identities"
   More Doublets -- "Word Identities"
   I Have... Who Has... Cards -- Identities
   Sum and Difference Identities
   Trig Tic Tac Times
   Trig Identities Connect The Dots
   Magic Square -- Trig Identities
   Trig Identities Card Game
   List of Trigonometric Identities
   Old List of Trigonometric Identities
   Another List of Basic Trig Identities
   Covalent Bonds and Trig (Identities)
   Proof of the Law of Cosines (Without Words)
   Worksheet -- Proof of the Law of Cosines
   Outline -- Law of Sines/Law of Cosines
   Worksheet -- Ambiguous Case (SSA)
   Accident Reconstruction with Vectors
   Skid Marks
   The Story of Joe Sine
   More Vector Applications
   Hyperbolic Trigonometric Definitions
   Trig Tables
   Graph Paper for Tests
   Precalculus "Definitions"

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   Problem of the Week
   The Math Forum
   Dave's Math Tables (David Manura)
   Computer Humor

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