Math Vocabulary

Rearrange the letters at the end of each statement to form one or two math words:

(1) Verty Vedel, upon being healed of  his blindness,  shouted, "______."
     T S R E E C V I      

(2) Montgomery Taylor Sette was called  ______   ______  by his friends.  
     T E P Y M     E S T

(3) Upon seeing the bathroom door closed, Mr. Bleecher muttered to himself, "Is that 
     daughter of mine    ______?"
     D Y N R C E I L
(4) The zookeeper affectionately referred to the  two newborn lion cubs as a 
     ______ ______ .
     R A L A L P E L     S E I L N  

(5) The sheriff after discovering the escaped prisoner's underground 
     hideout, radioed his deputy, "I have found the ______ ."
     A C E N V O C

(6) Ferd Freezin, local ice plant manager, described his uncomfortable working 
     conditions as follows, "It's ______ ."
     R N L A I O E L C

(7) What do you call it when a toilet flushes in an airplane?
     Y E S H E N O T U P 

(8) B. A. Square, the noted buffalo hunter and zoid catcher, entitled his 
     latest book, "How to ______ ."
     Z I P E R T O A D 


(1) vertices
(2) empty set
(3) cylinder
(4) parallel lines
(5) concave
(6) collinear
(7) hypotenuse
(8) trapezoid


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