What's The Point?

by Noah Weisz, Rockville, Maryland

Geometry begins with a measly little dot,
Smaller than even the faintest ink blot,
Tinier even than the brain of a bee,
Even littler than a drop in the sea,
More mini than even the thinnest nose hair ,
So minutely minute that it's not even there.
But if there are two of these curiosities,
They make a line segment with length, if you please.

( Add one more, and there's a triangle in store,
Then a square is there as soon as there are four.
Dot after dot builds a circular place;
But three dimensions would take up more space.
So many little dots step outside the ring,
And the final shape is an interesting thing.
For when all is connected, what does appear?
A big ball of points: a genuine sphere!