Here is a list of all the Problems of the Month that have been posted since January 2016.
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  Date   Name of Problem of the Month Math Needed
January 2016 The New Year Challenge Algebra
January 2016 The 10 Tallest Monuments Algebra, Logic
January 2016 2016 Puzzle Logic
February 2016 Math Odd Letter Out Logic
February 2016 Four on the Floor Logic
February 2016 Three Digit Number problem Logic, Arithmetic
March 2016 The 10 Square Rectangle Algebra
March 2016 Tic-Tac-Logic Logic
March 2016 Monkey Business Logic
April 2016 How Sweet It Is! Algebra
April 2016 Futoshiki Logic, Arithmetic
April 2016 Math Art Logic
May 2016 Inheritance Problem Algebra
May 2016 The Square Problem Algebra
May 2016 Cylindrical Fuel Tank Problem Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus
June 2016 Six Mix Arithmetic, Logic
June 2016 A Whole Lot in Common Logic
June 2016 Weighted Diagonal Logic
July 2016 Nine Digit Number Logic
July 2016 The Missing Link Logic, Arithmetic
July 2016 Three Texas Drovers Algebra
August 2016 The Milkman's Puzzle Logic
August 2016 Chess Problem (Revisited) Logic
August 2016 Which Barrel was left? Logic, Arithemtic
September 2016 The 9 Square Rectangle Algebra
September 2016 10-Digit Number Problem Logic
September 2016 The Tower of London (Part 1) Logic
October 2016 The Leaning Tower of Pisa Algebra
October 2016 How Old is Pocahontas? Algebra
October 2016 Against the Wind Algebra
November 2016 The Tower of London (Part 2) Logic
November 2016 The Hat that Didn't Sell Logic
November 2016 Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Logic
December 2016 Sierpinski's Christmas Tree Algebra
December 2016 Christmas Present Puzzle Algebra
December 2016 Christmas Tree Puzzle Algebra
December 2016 Christmas Bonus -- The Pleacher Family Christmas Logic


  Date   Name of Problem of the Month Math Needed
January 2017 The New Year Challenge Algebra
January 2017 Math Before Breakfast Algebra
January 2017 Year Without Brackets Algebra
February 2017 The Telephone Number Algebra
February 2017 Cowboy Puzzler Algebra
February 2017 A Painted House Algebra
March 2017 String Problem Algebra
March 2017 Rectangular Parallelepiped Problem Algebra, Geometry
March 2017 Street Closure Problem Logic
April 2017 Lock Problem Logic
April 2017 Area Problem Algebra, Geometry
April 2017 Clock Problem Logic
May 2017 Three Walkers Algebra
May 2017 College Math Algebra
May 2017 The Three Thieves Algebra
June 2017 As Easy As A, B, ... Arithmetic
June 2017 The Three Thieves (Part 2) Algebra
June 2017 The Lock Problem (Part 2) Algebra
July 2017 Prime Time Arithmetic, Logic
July 2017 CalcuDoku Algebra
July 2017 Game Devisers Logic
August 2017 Balanced Equations Algebra, Logic
August 2017 Cinematic Conversions Logic, Arithmetic
August 2017 Petite Circle-Sum Walkthrough Logic, Arithmetic
September 2017 Mr. P's Grandchildren Algebra
September 2017 NFL Wackie Wordies Logic
September 2017 A Radical Equation Algebra
October 2017 Generosity after the Hurricanes Arithmetic, Algebra
October 2017 Russian Army motorcyclists Geometry
October 2017 Another A and B problem Algebra
November 2017 Addition Problem Logic, Arithmetic
November 2017 Picture Magic Square Logic, Algebra
November 2017 Blowin' in the Wind Algebra
December 2017 Christmas Tree Puzzle Algebra
December 2017 Math Art Logic
December 2017 Meet 16 Algebra


  Date   Name of Problem of the Month Math Needed
January 2018 The New Year Challenge Algebra
January 2018 New Year Magic Square Logic, Arithmetic
January 2018 2018 Multiplication Problem Logic, Arithmetic
February 2018 David Jones' Locker Logic, Arithmetic
February 2018 Two-Player Game Logic, Arithmetic
December 2018 Christmas Tree Puzzle Algebra
December 2018 Mince Pies Logic


  Date   Name of Problem of the Month Math Needed
January 2019 The New Year Challenge Algebra
December 2019 Christmas Tree Puzzle Algebra