1. Can you complete the following sequences?

        1     2     3     4     5     __     __     __

        1     1     2     3     5     __     __     __

        O     T     T     F     F     __     __     __

        J     F     M     A     M     __     __     __

        M     V     E     M     J     __     __     __

        77     49     36     18     __

        240     120     40     10     2     __

  2. At McDonald's you can order McNuggets in boxes of 6, 9, or 20.
    By ordering 2 boxes of 6, you can get 12.
    But you cannot order 13, since no combination of 6, 9, and 20 adds up to 13.

    What is the greatest number of McNuggets that you can't order?

  3. Henry's mother, Mabel,
    has four children, that is all.
    The first one's name is "Summer,"
    The second one's name is "Fall."

    "Winter" is the third one,
    and that leaves just one more.
    Can you guess the name of
    the final babe she bore?

  4. Len had it before.
    Paul had it behind.
    Bryan never had it at all.
    Ralph had it once.
    All girls have it once.
    Boys can't have it.
    Old Mrs. Mulligan had it twice in succession.
    Dr. Lowell had it before and behind -- he had it twice as much behind as before.

    What is it?

  5. Begin with the word S T A R T L I N G.
    Cross one letter out and leave a familiar word (the letters must remain in order).
    Continue to cross out one letter to make new words -- the last letter makes a word by itself.

  6. All my pets but 2 are dogs.
    All my pets but 2 are cats.
    All my pets but 2 are parrots.

    How many pets do I have?

  7. Fill in the missing word for each capital letter below:
      1 H on a U
      2 H in a W
      3 P in a HG
      4 Q in a G
      5 T on a F
      6 S on a G
      7 H in a HH
      8 S on a SS
      9 P on a BT
    10 Y in a D

  8. Do the following addition problem by saying aloud the partial sums.
        Start with 1000.
        Add 20 to it.
        Now add 30.
        Now add another 1000.
        Add 1000.
        Now add 30.
        Now add another 1000.
        Now add 20.

    What is the total?

  9. What unusual feature do these two-word phrases have in common?
    comb lackey
    Poor Angel
    Eyebrow Need
    Jodhpur Pleat

  10. Rearrange the letters following each statement below to form one or two math words:
    (1) Verty Vedel, upon being healed of his blindness, shouted, "_________ ."
          T S R E E C V I

    (2) Montgomery Taylor Sette was called _____   _____ by his friends.
          T E P Y M       E S T

    (3) Upon seeing the bathroom door closed, Mr. Bleecher muttered to himself,
         "Is that daughter of mine _________ ?"
          D Y N R C E I L

    (4) The zookeeper affectionately referred to the two newborn lion cubs as a
         __________       __________ .
          R A L A L P E L       S E I L N

    (5) The sheriff after discovering the escaped prisoner's underground hideout,
          radioed his deputy, "I have found the _________ ."
          A C E N V O C

    (6) Ferd Freezin, local ice plant manager, described his uncomfortable
          working conditions as follows, "It's ________ ."
          R N L A I O E L C

    (7) What do you call it when a toilet flushes in an airplane?
          Y E S H E N O T U P

    (8) B. A. Hunter, the noted buffalo hunter and zoid catcher, entitled his
          latest book, "How to _________ ."
          Z I P E R T O A D

  11. Can you tell who owns the following Vanity Plates?
      1 4 6 4 1  
      1 1 2 3 5  
      7 - 24 - 25  
      dy / dx  
      FOR - NEXT  
      (0, 0)  
      5/9 (F - 32)  
      NO GOTO  
      E I PI F(X)  

  12. In order to join the math club at Handley High, potential members must guess a secret whole number from 1 to 50, by asking yes-or-no questions only.
    Matt E. matics, an excellent logician, wanted to join, and he tried the following four questions:
        (1) Is the number greater than 25?
        (2) Is the number evenly divisible by 2?
        (3) Is the number evenly divisible by 3?
        (4) Is the number evenly divisible by 5?
    After he was told the answers, he did some figuring and said, "I still don't have enough information.   Is the number a perfect square?"
    When he got the reply, "No," Matt knew what the number was.
    Can you determine what the number was?

  13. Questions for Discussion