Here are eight puzzles for movie buffs; the first four are from GAMES magazine.
  1. The first puzzle is entitled Movie Math by Dean Anderson.
    In this puzzle, you must fill in the blanks with the correct numbers so that the equations are true.
    Each line is a movie title.
    You must use the correct order of operations.
    Click here for Movie Math.
  2. The second puzzle is entitled Movie Madness by R. H. Wei.
    In this puzzle, forty reasonably well-known three word film titles have been selected.
    The first words of the titles have been alphabetized and placed in the first column.
    Their middle words have been placed in the second column, and their third words in the third column.
    By repeatedly selecting one word from each column, can you reconstruct the original titles?
    Click here for the Movie Madness puzzle.
    Click here for the Movie Madness answers.
  3. The third puzzle is entitled Reel Games.
    Games made guest appearances in the movies listed in this puzzle.   See if you can splice the right game to the film that featured it.
    Click here for the Reel Games puzzle.
  4. The fourth puzzle is entitled Sports Films.
    You must name the sport that is featured in each movie.
    Click here for the Sports Films puzzle.
  5. The fifth puzzle is entitled Numbers in the Movies.   Idea was from David L. Book in The Washington Post.
    You must complete the titles of movies that contain numbers in their titles.
    Click here for the Numbers in the Movies puzzle.
  6. The sixth and seventh puzzles are Stage Names.
    You must guess the stage names of the birth names given.
    Click here for the first Stage Names puzzle.
  7. Click here for the second Stage Names puzzle.
  8. The eighth puzzle is entitled Famous Last Words ... in the Movies.
    The idea was from a sermon by The Reverend Elizabeth Thompson.
    You must identify the last lines in twenty-six movies.
    Click here for the Famous Last Words ... in the Movies puzzle.
    Click here for the Famous Last Words answers.
    Click here for an interactive quiz on Last Words in the Movies