Sports Puzzles:
The Handley Sports Problem   Handley's 75th Anniversary Football Puzzle
City County Track Meet   Tricky Track Problem
Winchester Sports Problem   The Cross Country Meet
Baseball Lineup   March Madness
Pentathalon   Poker Squares
Batter Up   Rec Center Schedule
Sporting Companions  

Holiday Puzzles:
Elvis' Birthday (The Skating Elvises)  
Halloween (Monster Costume Party)   Halloween (Scary Stuff)
Christmas (Oh Deer!)   Christmas (Santa's Pack Held 30 Toys)
Christmas (12 Clues of Christmas)   Christmas (Christmas Gifts)
The Pleacher Family Christmas (2016)  

Truth / Liar Puzzles:
Class Conscience   Who Dun It?
The Nine Students Puzzle   What Day of the Week Is It?
In the Land of the Truth Tellers  

Mr. Pleacher's Life:
Mr. P's Life (1987)   Mr. P's Life (2007)
Mr. P's Grandchildren (2004)   The Pleacher Family Travel Problem
Mr. P's Grandchildren -- Part Two (2010)   Mr. P's Grandkids (2015)
The Pleacher Family Christmas (2016)  

Miscellaneous Puzzles:
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle   Feasting in the Afternoon
The Snow Problem   All in the Family
Who Teaches What?   The Pet Problem
The Five Houses   The Vocations Puzzle
Brothers and Sisters   Diophantus' Epitaph
The Treasure Hunt   Mathematician's Puzzle
Who's the Tallest?   The Monopoly Game (Logic Puzzle)
Nukkeldowne Elementary School   High School
We All Scream for Ice Cream   On The Level
Ski Boot Sale   Family Pyramid
World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie   Wheel of Math
10 Tallest U.S. Monuments