Mathematical Puzzles and Tricks

Wrecked Angle -- Extra Square Inch

Equations Analysis Test #1
Equations Analysis Test #2
Cross Math

Mobius Card -- An Impossible Shape!
Math Magic Tricks by Martin Gardner
Number Trick

Matchboxes -- 1st Semester Calculus Words
Matchboxes -- 2nd Semester Calculus Words
Magic Squares

Epitaph on Diophantus' Tombstone
Phone Number Trick
Mathemagical Black Holes

Map Coloring
Sequences Puzzle
Geometric Sequences Puzzle

Trivia Magic Square
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Geometric Figures Puzzle

Petals Around The Rose
Who Missed The Boat? by Fred Pence
Polar Bear Game

The Right Angle -- Calculus
The Right Angle -- Calculus
The Right Angle -- Geometry Vocabulary

Math Aptitude Test
Math Aptitude Test #2
Math Aptitude Test #3

A Card Trick
Another Card Trick
Yet Another Card Trick

Still Another Card Trick
Some "Old" Numbers
Factors Puzzle

Diamonds #1 (like Minesweeper)
Diamonds #2 (like Minesweeper)
Math Vocabulary

Music by the Numbers
April Fool's Trick
Addition Trick

David M. Collison's Trimagic Square
The Transitive Property Logic Puzzle
The Story of Joe Sine

Finger Multiplication
Extension of Finger Multiplication
Another Number Trick

Optical Illusions
Art of M.C. Escher



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