Introductory Concepts and Definitions

Pacing Guide for Algebra I
Pacing Guide for Algebra II
Algebra II Assignments for Southwestern Text
Tests and Exams for Algebra II
Algebra "Definitions"
Right Angle Puzzle with Algebra Definitions
Square Abouts Puzzle (Algebra Words)
Emergency Lesson Plans -- Sudoku Puzzles

Variables, Numbers, and Order of Operations

Math Tricks Explained with Algebra
Trick with Adding Negative Numbers
Variables ("Ten Wins")
Combining Like Terms (Convert C to F)
Order of Operations (PEMDAS Puzzle)
List of Fun Formulas
Droodle #16 -- Evaluating Formulas & Solving Equations
Using Variables to compute the Day of the Week
Work sheet to accompany the Day of the Week computation
Evaluate Formulas (Baseball)
The Game of Contig (Order of Operations)
The Complex Number System (Chart)
The Number Zero (The Trouble With Otis)
The Number One (The Triumph of Eunice)
Worksheet to accompany Otis and Eunice
Adding and Subtracting Positive & Negative Numbers
Multiplying Positive & Negative Numbers
Square Root Review
And / Or Sentences
Divisibilty, Perfect Numbers, Abundant and Deficient Numbers
LaGrange's Four Square Theorem
Algebridge (Game)
When is Easter? -- A Math Algorithm
Check Digits and the ISBN

Algebra Properties

List of the Properties of Equality
Transitive Property Logic Puzzle
Properties (Proof that 0 = 1)

Factoring and Expanding Polynomials

Multiplying Binomials (George and Foil)
An Algebra Curiosity (Difference of 2 Squares)
Factoring Techniques
Factoring Alternative (Slide Method)
Factoring Flowcart
Factoring Puzzle
Factoring Puzzle
Factoring Droodle
Factoring Cut Outs
Simplifying Rational Expressions
Sum of cubes and Sum of Factors
Products of Polynomials Worksheet
Heat Index -- Multiplying Matrices

Solving Equations and Inequalities

Solving Linear Equations (Magic Square)
Solving Linear Equations (Square Cut-ups)
Solving Linear Equations (Review Puzzle)
Card Trick
Droodle #16 -- Evaluating Formulas & Solving Equations
Solving Proportions -- Silly Sally Seal
Turvy #14 for Precalulus Topics including equations with absolute value
Equations Worksheet
Worksheet on Work and Motion Problems
Ratios Worksheet
Systems of Inequalities Worksheet
Systems of Equations -- Celebrity Birthdays (Part 1)
Systems of Equations -- Celebrity Birthdays (Part 2)
Systems of Equations -- 10 Tallest Monuments
Systems of Equations -- College Math (5 equations)
Systems of Equations -- More College Math (10 equations)
Systems of Equations -- Mr. P's Grandkids (7 equations)
Systems of Equations & Historical Dates
Systems and Graphing Project
Systems of Equations -- Christmas Presents
Systems of Equations MENU of Problems
Quadratic Equations Worksheet
Solving Direct-Variation Problems
Quotes about Proportions

Graphs and Slope

Plotting Points
Slope Racing Game
Class, Take Your Seats! -- Slopes / Midpoints / Lines
Class, Take Your Seats! -- Analytic Geometry (Problem Solving)
Four in a Row
Wrecked Angle -- Slope of a Line
Graphing Linear Equations (Cat Picture)
Graphing Equations ( Picture)
Graphing Linear Equations (Picture)
Battleship Game
Graphing Complex Numbers

Sequences and Series

Tricks with Geometric Sequences
Sequences Puzzle
Sum of an arithmetic sequence
Camera f-stops and geometric sequence
Geometric Sequences Puzzle
Sequences and Series Review (Turvy)
Sequences Worksheet
Practice With Patterns
Sequence Challenge

Logarithms and Exponential Functions

M&Ms Activity (Exponential Functions)
Chain Letters and Pyramid Schemes
Logarithmic Equations (Cut Outs)
Conjecturing with Logarithms
Rule of 72 -- Logarithms
High Low Guessing Game -- Logarithms
Turvy #13 for Precalulus Topics including logs
Calculating Password Entropy using Logarithms
Supplementary Exercises with Logarithms


Analytic Geometry Formulas
Droodle Graphs -- Points, Lines, Circles
Special Paper for Graphing Parabolas
Special Paper for Graphing Ellipses
Special Paper for Graphing Hyperbolas
Additional Graph Paper for Graphing the Conics
Reflection Property of the Parabola and Ellipse
Activities with Circles and Parabolas
Graphing the Conics
"Berlin" - Circles, Parabolas, & Inequalities
"Graph It!" - Circles, Parabolas, & Lines
Applications of Parabolas
Applications of Ellipses
Applications of Hyperbolas
Applications of Conics
Turvy #12 -- Applications of Conics
Translation and Rotation of Axes
Class, Take Your Seats -- Analytic Geometry
Analytic Geometry Problems
Fountain Project (Systems of Parabolas)
Droodle #15 with Ellipses
Ellipses (Matching Cut Outs)
Eccentricity of the Earth's Orbit
Graph Paper for Tests

Polar Coordinates

Parabella -- Conics Story
"Starship" -- Polar Coordinates Game
Polar Coordinates Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Conversions between Polar & Rectangular Coordinates
Some Interesting Polar curves

Preparing for the S.O.L. Test in Algebra II

Algebraic Atrocities
Algebra Turvy
SOL Droodle Review -- using 1998 and 2000 test items
SOL Droodle Review -- using 2000 test items
SOL Test Items -- 2000
SOL Test Items -- 2001
SOL Test Items -- 2002