Introductory Concepts

A.P. Calculus Syllabus
A.P. Calculus Assignments for Anton's Text
Calculus Course Notes and Daily Lesson Plans
Calculus Tests and Exams
Watch Your Language! -- Calculus Words
Calculus "Definitions"
MATHO Game for the first week of school
Droodle Review of Precalculus Concepts
Techniques for Being Successful in Calculus
Symmetry Activity with the Digital Camera
Algebraic Atrocities -- Review of Algebra
SUDOKU Review Puzzle -- Precalculus Concepts
Emergency Lesson Plans -- Sudoku Puzzles

Limits and Continuity

Hexaflexagon -- Limits
Fractal Sheets -- Limits
Limits -- Artistic Perspective
Limits with Angles of Polygons
Infinite Series
Review of Limits
I Have ... Who Has ... Cards -- Limits
SUDOKU Puzzle with Limits
Continuity -- Table Exploration
Review of Limits and Continuity
Limits -- Blueberry Pancakes
Turvy for Limits & Continuity
Proof of L'Hopital's Rule

E, Pi, Exponentials, and Logarithms

Facts about e
Facts about Pi
Logarithm Cut-out sheet
High-Low Guessing Game
M&Ms Activity (Exponential Functions)
Rule of 72 -- with Logarithms
Logarithm Problems


Derivative Formulas -- with boxes/squiggles
Droodle Review -- Trig Derivatives
The Mathematics Of A Football Kick
Find The Bingo -- Derivatives
"Farside" Droodle Review -- Chain Rule
"Magic Square" Derivatives -- Chain Rule
Derivative Dance
Derivative of a variable to a variable
Graphs of Functions with their Derivatives
Droodle for Derivatives
I Have ... Who Has ... Cards -- Derivatives
Guess My Number Game with Numerical Derivatives
Evaluating Numerical Derivatives (Trick)
Implicit Differentiation (Satellite Orbits)
Age Tee-Shirts (Derivative Puzzle)
Derivative Relationships in a Circle and Sphere
Related Rates -- How Fast Can You Watch?
Related Rates -- Frank S. Key Problem
Worksheet on Related Rates (A Turvy)
Derivative Formulas
Worksheet to Accompany Derivative Formulas
SUDOKU Puzzle with Derivatives
SUDOKU Review Puzzle -- Limits & Derivatives

Curve Sketching

Curve Sketching Instructions
The S-Curve
Review Sheet on Curve Sketching
The Seasons -- Curve sketching
Methods for Finding Critical Points
Determining Concavity

Applications of the Derivative

Class, Take Your Seats! (tangents and normals)
Volume of a Box (Max/Min)
Maxima / Minima Procedures
Worksheet on Maxima / Minima Problems
Do Dogs Know Calculus? (Max / Min)
Snell's Law (Max/Min)
The Longest Home Run (Max / Min)
Class, Take Your Seats! (Max/Min)
Turvy with Applications of the Derivative
Miniature Golf / Billiards (Max/Min)
Maxima/Minima Review Problems
Maxima/Minima Review Problems
Cat Food Can Maxima/Minima Problem
Letter from Carnation about Cat Food Problem
The Math of the Soda Pop Can
The Spider and the Fly (Max/Min puzzle)
Winchester Population Problem

Basic Integration Formulas

Proof By Induction
An Illustration of Proof By Induction
Numerical Word Search (Integral, Summation & Derivative)
Worksheet on Integrals (categories)
I Have ... Who Has ... Cards -- Integration
The Mintegral (Story about the Integral)
The Reason for Plus C
Evaluating Definite Integrals (Trick)
Turvy (#9) for Integration (Basic Integral formulas)
Turvy (#8) for Integration (trig, parts, parametric)
Guess My Number Game with Definite Integrals
SUDOKU Puzzle with Definite Integrals
Slope Fields Teaching Suggestion & Worksheet
Find The Bingo (logs and e^x)
The Pink Panther -- Inverse Trig.
Cookie Recipe (pdf File) -- Definite Integrals

Applications of the Definite Integral

Review Sheet on Area and Integration
Information on Volumes of Solids of Revolution
Teaching Tools for Volumes of Solids of Revolution
YOPLAIT with Areas and Volumes
Volumes -- Dorothy and Kansas Problem
Droodle -- Areas, Arc Length,& Volumes
Turvy with Applications of the Integral

Techniques of Integration

Proof that 0 = 1 (Integration by Parts)
Integration by Parts Trick (Jaime Escalante)
Integration by Parts Acronym
Summary of Integration Techniques
Droodle for Integration Techniques
Really Stupid Integrals
Silly Sammie Seal -- Integration
Silly Sally Seal -- Integration
SUDOKU Review Puzzle -- Integration, Logs, Applications of Derivatives

A.P. Exam Preparation

Tips and Reminders for the A.P. Exam
A.P. Review and Mini Exam Questions
A.P. Exam Questions

Analytic Geometry

Analytic Geometry Formulas
Droodle Graphs -- Points, Lines, Circles
Special Paper for Graphing Parabolas
Special Paper for Graphing Ellipses
Special Paper for Graphing Hyperbolas
Additional Graph Paper for Graphing the Conics
Reflection Property of the Parabola and Ellipse
Activities with Circles and Parabolas
"Berlin" - Circles, Parabolas, & Inequalities
"Graph It!" - Circles, Parabolas, & Lines
Applications of Parabolas
Applications of Ellipses
Applications of Hyperbolas
Applications of Conics
Turvy #12 -- Applications of Conics
Translation and Rotation of Axes
Class, Take Your Seats -- Analytic Geometry
Analytic Geometry Problems
Droodle #15 with Ellipses
Ellipses (Matching Cut Outs)
Graph Paper for Tests
Eccentricity of the Earth's Orbit

Polar Coordinates

Parabella -- Conics Story
"Starship" -- Polar Coordinates Game
Polar Coordinates Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Conversions between Polar & Rectangular Coordinates
Some Interesting Polar curves

Calculus Vocabulary

Matchboxes Puzzle (1st Semester Words)
Right Angle Puzzle (1st Semester Vocabulary)
Matchboxes Puzzle (2nd Semester Words)
Right Angle Puzzle (2nd Semester Vocabulary)
Scramblegories -- Calculus Words
Calculus Scrabble -- Review Problems & Vocabulary
Calculus "Definitions"